Congratulations on your engagement from your church family!  We share your excitement and happiness as you formulate your wedding plans and begin the beautiful adventure of marriage.  Marriage is a gift from God and we are anxious to serve you throughout your planning process.  We will do our best to make your wedding a joyous and God-glorifying day!

The wedding planning guide for Eastview Christian Church is your guide to answering as many questions as possible as you plan your wedding ceremony.  If, after reading this guide, you decide to hold your wedding at Eastview or reserve an Eastview pastor for your ceremony elsewhere, please complete the Wedding Reservation Request form (in the booklet) and drop it off at the church office with your $50 deposit.  Julie Probst, Eastview Wedding Coordinator, will then call you to take your next steps.

We look forward to working with you on this joyous occasion!


Eastview Christian Church Staff &

Julie Probst

Wedding Coordinator
Office: (309) 451-5000