Prayer at Eastview: Prayer is very important in the life of every Christian and we strive to encourage every Christ-follower to be a praying servant. Our prayer room is located in the upper Well behind the waterfall. Please take advantage of this room and leave your own prayer requests in the baskets provided, and pick up some of the prayers in the baskets to pray for during the week.

Week of April 20, 2015

• Please pray for God to continue to use this series to dethrone some of the “kings” that we have put in place of Jesus in our lives.

• Please pray for Jr. High, Sr. High, and College students to finish out this year with a spirit of boldness and ridiculous love as they’re surrounded by thousands of people who don’t know the good news about Jesus and the life that he’s invited us into.

• Pray for any ministries that are about to change locations based on the new building additions or renovations. Pray that God will quickly make these new areas a safe place for people to gather and experience love and hope. Pray that we, as a church, would always keep our eyes fixed on the Lord rather than any programming or any new space.

• As you continue to process through the sermon from today, pray about how you can personally respond to God’s love and provision in your everyday life. Thank him for being a good, selfless, powerful King.

Week of April 13, 2015

• Please pray for the families of Aaron Leetch, Tom Hileman, Jason Jones, Scott Bittner, Terry Stralow, Torrey Ward, and Andy Butler who were tragically killed in a plane crash this past Monday.

• Please pray for our Pastoral Leadership Team as they retreat this week to pray and plan for the ministry of Eastview Christian Church. Pray for Pastors Mike, Tyler, Mark, J.K., Jim, and Jason that God would guide them by His Spirit.

• Please pray for the Pillatre Christian Church in Haiti during this time of transition after the death of Pastor Manno.

• Pray for God to help the thousands of spiritual seeds that were planted last week to grow in Him.

• Which attribute of the King do you resonate with most today? Creative King? Saving King? Conquering King? Spend some time talking with King Jesus about it. Seek Him and let Him in.