Place of Prayer in the Well at Eastview: Did you know there is a new prayer chapel located on the second level of the Well behind the waterfall? Check it out! All are welcome to pray, leave prayer requests, read Scripture, or sit in silence before God. Please join us in the constant call to prayer for Eastview, her leaders, her people and her ministry.

Week of August 18, 2014

  • Pray that every adult at Eastview will join a group and participate in our all church study:  Ridiculous.
  • Pray that God would increase our love at Eastview.  That he would move, change, and inspire us through this series and by His Spirit to display ridiculous love in a love starved world.
  • Pray for our small group ministry team:  Jim, Sarah, Nicki, Rick, Jason, Rachael, and Pete.  Pray for their strength and joy as they recruit, organize, equip, and lead over 450 small groups over the next two months.
  • Pray for God to send new and qualified small group leaders to our pastors who organize this ministry.
  • Pray for all the Eastview Christians who are teachers in our schools.  Pray that they will be a shining light of faith to the students that God has strategically entrusted to their care.  Pray for boldness to live out their faith every day and to speak of Jesus without fear.
  • Pray for God to encourage the hearts of the Christ followers at Eastview Christian Church so that our passion for being sent will be renewed.

Week of August 11, 2014

  • Pray for God to draw people to church as the summer draws to a close.  Pray for Christians who have neglected the weekly fellowship.  Pray for non-Christians to have an irresistible call to Christ and this church as they seek purpose this fall.
  • Pray for God to speak to over 700 leaders who will attend this week’s leadership conference here at Eastview.  Ask God to stir the leaders of this church and the leaders of the 40+ visiting churches in attendance to grow in their passion and influence for the kingdom.
  • Pray for vision Sunday, September 14.  Pray for Pastor Mike to clearly articulate what God has laid on the leaders’ hearts.  Pray for God’s strength and leadership of the Spirit to make the visions of what God could do become a reality in this place.
  • Pray for the “Ridiculous” all church study for this fall.  Pray for God to prepare your heart to grow in your love for others.  Pray for God to mark Eastview by its ridiculous love to everyone touched by the people who make up this congregation.
  • Pray for our schools as a new year begins for the students of Eastview.  Pray for God to protect our kids from the evil one’s schemes and temptations.  Pray for God to make our kids salt and light in their academic world.  Pray for our kids to be dangerous witnesses this fall.