Prayer at Eastview: Prayer is very important in the life of every Christian and we strive to encourage every Christ-follower to be a praying servant. Our prayer room is located in the upper Well behind the waterfall. Please take advantage of this room and leave your own prayer requests in the baskets provided, and pick up some of the prayers in the baskets to pray for during the week.

Week of December 28, 2015

Pray for the 41 people who were baptized last week in our services that they may progress in their faith as fearless Christ followers

• Pray for God to move in a powerful way through the ministries and people that are Eastview Christian Church in 2016.

• Pray for all of our outreach partnerships. (Go to Missions kiosk in upper atrium for 2016 prayer guides.)

• Pray for our pastoral leadership team to be filled with the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit in the coming year.

• Pray for our staff to find great rest during the holidays with their families and friends.

• Pray against division, pride, sin, fear, and complacency in the body of Christ represented here at Eastview.


Week of December 21, 2015

• Pray for many visitors to be drawn to Christ through the proclamation of Jesus’ birth in all services here at Eastview during Christmas.

• Pray for 2016 to be a year of Jesus’ kingdom come here in McLean County as it is in heaven.

• Praise God for giving us the greatest gift of all – the birth of his son into the world.

• Pray for the staff of Eastview. Pray for blessed times with their family. Pray for times of physical, emotional and spiritual rest during the holidays. Pray that God would allow them to see some of the fruit of their labor during this season.

• Pray for unity among the elders, staff, and people of God here at Eastview Christian Church.

• Pray for God to expand our ministries in a powerful, eternally impacting way through the generosity of the people of Eastview and this special offering.