Global Outreach

We can’t read God’s word without sensing His incredible passion for all people.  Throughout the entire Bible, there’s a mission clearly outlined for the church – not just a few select people. We are all called to boldly engage the world. God’s called us to be a part of this bigger story. Here at Eastview we believe some are called to go and others to send and support but everyone’s called to be involved.

How’s God calling you to be a part of his plan to redeem and restore people from all over the world?

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Our Core Mission Values & Assumptions serve as a guide in our Global Outreach Strategy. To view them click here.

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If we can answer any questions, or help you get plugged in with Eastview’s Global Outreach ministries please contact us at your convenience:
Tyler Hari, Pastor of Outreach
Bill Troyer, Associate Pastor of Global Outreach
Sarah Oehler, Short Term Trips Coordinator
Julie Probst, Global Outreach Assistant