Here at Eastview, we know we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. In fact, the story always begins and ends with God. Throughout the Bible, we see God’s missional character and heart for the world from the very beginning of Genesis through the end of Revelation.

We serve a God who’s actively involved in reaching out and redeeming our world. A God who passionately pursues us before we ever turn to Him. A God who willingly paid our ransom through Jesus Christ and blessed us to be a blessing to others.

As Christians, we’ve been transformed. We’re now part of God’s family, his very own sons and daughters and the rightful heirs according to His promises. Because of this, we have a new identity, a new purpose and we’re called to live life on “mission”. And so we go…we go to share God’s love, to proclaim the good news in Jesus Christ and to meet people where they are, because that is God’s heart and mission.

We go into our community, our neighborhoods and our workplace. We go into our nation and we go into the world. Here at Eastview, we’re involved in Local, Domestic, and Global Outreach. If you call Eastview Christian Church your home, we invite you to embrace your role in a story that’s bigger than you. Will you join us?