Hospital Visits/Funerals

Hospital Visitation

Hospitals are called on a daily basis to determine if anyone has been admitted that has identified ECC as their church. Calls and visits are made to those people hospitalized. In order for our offices to minister to you, please call and let us know if you are scheduled to be in the hospital for surgery, birth, or other procedures, and if you have been unexpectedly admitted. Due to HIPAA privacy laws, hospitals will not provide patient names unless the patient has authorized it. Please contact Sara Thompson at (309) 451-5000 or email

Funeral Ministry

Our funeral coordinator is here to support family at the death of a loved one and provide guidance with arrangements. Please call  309.533.5431.

Nursing Home Ministry

ECC has a nursing home team that conducts a worship service at Heritage Manor Nursing home on an every other month schedule. Members volunteer to deliver a message, serve communion, play the piano, lead singing, or just be a part of the team to provide an attitude of warmth and caring to the patients. Volunteers are needed for one Sunday afternoon a month, every other month. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Karen Tornow at 309.530.4194.