The Maze

Oct. 22 – 25, 2014

Wed., Oct. 22    4 – 8 pm
Thur., Oct. 23    4 – 8 pm
Fri., Oct. 24      10 am – 8 pm (no school for many!)
Sat., Oct. 25     10 am – 8 pm

Cost:               $3/person – unlimited trips thru Maze per day!

The Maze is over one thousand feet of cardboard tunnels that will have you and your friends zigging, zagging, sliding and laughing.  You will have a blast trying to find your way through this crazy thing!  This a-MAZE-ing event is for children fifth grade and younger and their parents.

Volunteers Needed!
Eastview folks – please go to this Volunteer Sign-Up link to see all options, but we need LOTS of help to build on Sunday (19th) and then dozens to help us run the event. Please help us reach kids in our community with the RIDICULOUS love God has for them. Thanks!  :)

Volunteer Application Website
If you are not already serving in Kidsview you will need to submit an application online at:  to authorize a background check. Select “Kidsview Support”, then “Kidsview Special Events Volunteer”.