Little Kidsview PreK-1st Grade

Little Kidsview

Little Kidsview is an upbeat, kid-friendly worship (large group) and Bible study (small group) experience for Pre-K through 1st grade children. It brings God’s Word to an easy-to-understand level through singing, storytelling and small group time designed for relationship building and applying the Big Idea to everyday life.

Visiting? Check out our New To Kidsview page.  On Sunday go to any of our Kidsview Guest Service stations for help on getting your kids signed up for a class! If you want to get a head start, print and fill out the Family Registration Card and bring it to any Kidsview Guest Service station on Sunday.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer anywhere in the Kidsview Ministry, please complete our online application. We would love to have you!

To learn more about what goes on in Little Kidsview, click here.