Kidsview Creative Arts

Online registration is open!  Click on the link below to register your child.

Our Creative Arts ministry provides kids the opportunity to serve God and express the talents HE has given them!  We LOVE having kids serve God on Sundays during their own worship services!  They show other kids that they are NOT too young to use their talents for serving God.  They bring such a spark of creativity and excitement their peers will not forget!

Every student in Creative Arts (4 yrs by Sept. 1 - 5th grade) has the privilege to be part of our Good News Choir!  Other Teams they can serve on include Drama, Video, Black Light, Art, Art Design and Tech.  See each category description for more details!

Highlights of the year include performances in Eastview Kids services, in "Big" church, as well as off-site locations in the community.  Fall registration starts in July, but we welcome kids all year long, so be sure to fill out the application from the link below to register!  Children registering after August 20th may not get their first choice of Team placement as Fall Teams have already been selected.  Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings, downstairs in PreK-5th grade rooms from 6:15 - 7:30 pm.

Fall session runs September 9th through December 9th and Spring session begins January 13th through May 8th.

Please email Maggie Hundley at for details.

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