New to Eastview?

On behalf of the people who are Eastview Christian Church, I’d like to welcome you. I hope your journey through our web site will reveal the kind of church we are and I hope that you learn two things about us. First I hope you see clearly that we are followers of Jesus. He is the focus of everything we do here and we worship Him as Lord and Savior. Second, I hope you’ll find just a bunch of normal people that you can relate to. I pray that you will feel welcome in this place of imperfect people who have found forgiveness, hope, meaning, and purpose because of our relationship with Jesus.

Our desire is to be a fearless church because we are confident in God’s strength and promises. Our desire is to be the kind of people who display an unexplainable and ridiculous love for others because that’s how Jesus has loved us. Our desire is to boldly and even dangerously share the good news that we have found in Christ with everyone in the world because it’s that important.

That’s what we are becoming as a church family and we hope that you’ll find this love and good news that we’ve experienced in Jesus irresistible. As the Sr. Pastor, I promise you that we’ll do anything we can to help you along your journey of faith. Please accept my invitation to our campus some Sunday. Our services are designed to be a place where you can hear the truth, encounter a God who is bigger than you and your problems, and be welcomed into a community of prayer, love and support. I sincerely hope to see you soon and would love to meet you personally at the cross after one of our services. God bless.

Mike Baker